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Culture in Medicine and Healthcare

Appraisal Support Resources

Culture Workshops

Appraisal and Support Resources

This website is dedicated to provide supportive information for educators and those interested to support professional development of doctors and health practitioners. In the UK, appraisals play vital role in the reflective review of performance and career progression and offer an opportunity to consider future development with the help of a skilled appraiser. It is, therefore, vital that relevant educational resources and tools are available to provide support to those who are meeting with practitioners so that they can facilitate their personal and professional development. 

The Influence of Culture on the Learning, Performance and Professional Development of Doctors and their Teams

These workshops are for educational supervisors, teachers, appraisers, GP trainers, managers and management staff whose role is relevant to the topic. We also warmly welcome doctors in training who have an interest in developing their skills and understanding in readiness to work with diverse patient populations.